On Saturday 14th October this fine group of The Boro Walkers all completed Pure Challenge Walk along the Leeds to Liverpool canal, starting at Skipton.

What a day! It was a gruelling walk, due to the conditions. Everyone including the seasoned walkers found the walk a massive challenge. Lets just say we trudged gamely on through the mud and we all came through… as we always do.

Beforehand, we made the conscious decision not to take sponsorship for this event, as the objective was to just enjoy the walk and have some fun doing it.

They say hindsight is a wonderful “thing” and due to how difficult it proved to be this may have been an error of judgement.

The 11 lads and10 lasses who completed the event all admitted it to be as tough as those events where we have sought sponsorship. Additionally, we thought we are walking 45k/ 28 miles,  but it was actually 50k and 30 miles!

So, we are now asking that if you should wish to make a donation to The Boro Walkers for what was a fantastic achievement by everyone concerned. We would all appreciate this and you can do this on the site borowalkers.org.

We always ensure that all the money we raise  are given to worthy charities across Teesside. We keep it local

Many thanks as always, from the committee at The Boro Walkers.

Please share.