The Borowalkers take on the toughest challenge in the UK, the fan dance in the brecon beacons, the original 14mile route based on SAS selection.

The fan dance is a gruelling 14 mile non-navigational race over two sides of pen y fan,the highest mountain in the brecon beacons.

This infamous route has long been a part of SAS ( special air service) and sbs ( special boat service) selection and is considered the yardstick of a candidate,s potential to perform well on test week and ultimately pass the special forces selection programme.

The borowalkers have registered a team, with 14 members already payed up and committed, if you think your capable and would like to set yourself the hardest test you,l come across, then get intouch with us, a fee of £40 is payable to join us, and accommodation will be posted in due course, we aim to travel down Friday 16th June, ( evening time) , so we are fresh and ready for the challenge ahead on the Saturday….!!