TEAM SCORPIO  among many other local charities received cash gifts from the Boro Walkers association. A great night was had by all and they raised a further £5000 on the raffle. Team Scorpio said.

“Received £1000 from the Boro Walkers last night, at their fantastic and very professional presentation night.In summary, those who dont know much about the commitment of Boro Walkers…last night they kindly donated £29,000 to local groups.

It’s fantastic when you really see charities actually give to local activities and not post how big there bank balance is with no evidence of how their hard work helps others.

So on behalf of Team Scorpio, I would like to say a very special thank you to all the members of Boro Walkers and their supported who continue to dig deep into their pockets.

We were thankfully recognised for our long-term commitment to help and support our club members, many of which are from from non-affluent and difficult backgrounds.

Our club ethos aims to teach not only kicks and punches but valuable and transferable lifeskills, such as… self confidence, motivation, dicipline, and respect, etc. We also hope that through positive activities anti social behaviour will hopfully reduce.

This money will be shared between our 3 clubs, we will replenish our safety equipment for those who sadly can’t purchase their own, so new and current memebers can participate in the sport.

A very special thank you to Paul Randall and his colleagues for acknowledging the good work our team do for the community.”

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