Dear Boro Walkers,

I write to you with a big THANK YOU and to give you some good news.

Your extraordinary contribution at our annual dinner towards buying a second caravan will genuinely improve the lives of families who are struggling and desperately need a break.

The caravan will provide vital holidays away from the pressures of extreme poverty to good people who really deserve some breathing space. The feedback we get from those parents, grandparents and kids is that they feel privileged and very grateful to everyone who helped to make their holiday possible. Most haven’t had a holiday for years and some have never ever travelled outside of Teesside.

I’ve got a piece of great news which means that your generosity will go even further!

Present on the night of the annual dinner were trustees of a fantastic local charity called the Finlay Cooper Fund. The trustees thought long and hard about the great work that we do and the opportunities for holidays our second caravan would provide. And they have decided that they would like to join forces with us (and you) to do more great work. The Finlay Cooper Fund are adding £35,000 to the £20,000 we raised with your help and this means two things: 1. we can buy that second caravan immediately 2. we can set aside all costs connected with those holidays for the next two years!

I’m so grateful for your generosity and I would love to update you over the next few months as the project takes shape down there at Reighton Sands near Filey.

I’ll be in touch.

Thanks again for your generosity

Andy Preston