Our main fund raiser of 2016 was to take on the highest summit in the UK the mighty Ben Nevis !

Standing at nearly 4500ft high with mixed terrain and unpredictable weather  this was not a challenge  to take lightly but we were determined to succeed  and trained for many weeks on the Cleveland hills and up and down our beloved Roseberry Topping ensuring we were ready when the time came.

On Saturday 17th July almost 50 Boro Walkers ascended towards the summit of Ben Nevis which we believe to be a record number for a single group to have ever attempted and something we are extremely proud of , each of us with mixed fitness and outdoor experience through poor conditions and visibility our determination as a group pushed us all to reach our goal ensuring everyone one of us made it  to the top where we were able to capture the moment with some amazing group photographs.

Our reward for such an outstanding achievement was a Saturday night out in fort William where a well deserved tipple or two was enjoyed by us all. On our return from Scotland we quickly realised what we had just achieved and what it meant for local causes on Teesside as a record amount of over 10 thousand pounds was raised, our biggest total so far for a single event.

A massive thank you to every one who took part in this event and made it the success it could not have been without you.